Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Steampunk Romance Cuff Bracelet

I just finished this beautiful cuff bracelet.  I was trying to come up with a term for its style and hit upon SteamPunk Romance.  Don't know if it's already in use, but maybe a coined a new fashion phrase!
Anyways, here's my latest creation!
SteamPunk romance Cuff Bracelet

Monday, October 29, 2012

Berkshire Bowls - Featured Artist

Scott of Berkshire Bowls started his business in 2010.  He's been in the technology field for several years and has run a sports game website since 2001.

Berkshire bowls was supposed to produce hand-turned wooden bowls
 Birch Stash Box With Spalting

 but as he let his creativity flow, it turned out to be so much more.  He makes stash boxes, wine glasses, bottle stopper, pens and more.  He searches the woods looking for a piece of wood can be turned into a fantastic hand-turned.  He always uses the wood from a felled tree or stump, not so much to be ecologically friendly(although, he see that as a plus), but,as he admits, to be a little frightened of felling a tree himself.
Curly Maple Wood Pen and Pencil Set With Gold Accents

Last year, he found a power tool on sale and not being someone who passes up a bargain, particularly when it concerns a power tool, he bought it.  In his quest to find something new to make with his new tool, he started making puzzles.

His shop is filled with things the delight both children and adults.  This paint-it-yourself  T-Rex Puzzle
would enthrall any dino loving child. And what child isn't fascinated by dinosaurs?

If you prefer, fully painted puzzles are available.  This F15 Jet Fighter Puzzle

caught my eye.  Scott also has some, what I would consider educational puzzle.  This one is a map of the United States,
As well as, several individual states.

He also has a line of wooden toys.  This Fire Engine Push Toy
would delight any young boy.

And this Blue Whale Push Toy
is just too darn cute!

And of course, there are bowls.  This Birch Wood Bowl With Knothole
is spectacular!

You should check this wonderful shop often, as Scott is always adding new creations to his repertoire. 

Scott can also be found here:

Berkshire Bowls on Face Book
Berkshire Bowls on Twitter
His Website

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Soapfully Good on Goodsmiths.com - Featured Artist

 Debbie of Soapfully Good on Goddsmiths.com is a confessed soapaholic.  Her addiction started many years ago living with her husband who has incredibly sensitive skin.  In her quest to find soap that wouldn't irritate her husband's skin, she realized that most commercially available soaps contained many of the  same chemicals that were in the detergents of the car wash that she owned!

To quote Debbie, "If I wanted my family bathing in chemicals, I would just walk them through the carwash and hand them a towel at the end!"

 So she did what many novice soapmakers do, she went to the craft store and was set to purchase a bar of melt and pour base.  But once she checked the ingredients, she turned around and put it back on the shelf, finding that it, too, was full of additives.
She decided that she would have to do it the old fashion way.

She looks at soap making as a science.  With each new recipe, she has to ensure that each soap has the correct amount of cleansing, hardness, lather, and conditioning.  Her soaps are all natural, with no chemical additives or artificial coloring.

She enjoys educating her customers on the benefits of all natural soap and has a bevy of eager test humans ranging from 4 to 70 years of age willing and eager to test each new recipe.  At least a dozen test humans test each and every one of her products.

Debbie has 8 doggy testers, well, although she states that they do not seem to be as enthusiastic as her human testers.  In fact, she says that she thinks her Jack Russell is convinced that once a week, she is trying to kill him by drowning!

Her most ardent fan is her youngest tester, her 4 year old grandson.  He has his own soap dish in the bathroom where he keeps the bar of soap he is currently testing.  He loves watching her unmold her batches of soap, stating enthusiastically, "I want that in my bathroom!"  Debbie's soap must be wonderful if she can get a 4 year old to willingly use soap!

I urge you all to check out this "soapaholic's" shop and perhaps, find a new product that is good for your skin.  I've featured some of my favorite products from her Goodsmiths shop below.

Debbie can be found here, as well:
Face Book

Snuggles Microwavable Heating Pad - Neck


Timeless Lotion

     Shaving Soap Just Like Dad                                       


                                                                 Kitchen Brew Handmade Cold Process Coffee Soap

Friday, October 19, 2012

Eccentric SunShyne on Art Fire - Featured Artist

Eccentric SunShyne on Art Fire has an eclectic mix of steampunk and traditional jewelry with a twist.  She works in a number of mediums to product her unusual pieces and like many of us, she declares that she lives to create art!

She is a former graphic artist and is now a stay-at-home Mom.  She states that polymer clay, beaded and wire jewelry design and metalwork are her current passions.  She also paints in watercolor, acrylics and oils.  She draws, writes poetry and creates textile art, as well.

Such a well rounded and talented artist is sure to be successful in her endeavors.  Check out her work on Art Fire and see her eclectic creations.

Her ETSY Shop

Face Book


Steampunk Distressed Metal and Wire Earrings by Eccentric SunShyne

                            Steampunk Silver Horse by Eccentric SunShyne


Steampunk Purse Charm by Eccentric SunShyne

Purple Planet Beaded Earrings by Eccentric SunShyne

                                                 Natural Colors Bracelet by Eccentric SunShyne

Copper and Brass Flower Heart Earrings by Eccentric SunShyne

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Featured Artist Just Jewels by Joan on Art Fire

Just Jewels by Joan on Art Fire has some amazing stuff.  She is a polymer clay artist who learned about polymer clay when watching the Carol Duval show.  there she saw a guest making polymer clay jewelry and she knew she had to try it.

She went out and bought some polymer clay and loved the results she got when mixing the clay.  She  started making her own polymer clay jewelry and, as it is with a lot of us polymer clay artists, friends started asking her how much for her pieces.

Joan has a shop on Art Fire Just Jewels by Joan
And she can be found on Face Book .
She is also a member of the Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild on Art Fire.

I've included some of her pieces that I love.

Swirl Bead Necklace by Just Jewelsby Joan

                                                       Sea Foam Two Tiered Necklace by Just Jewels by Joan

She does more than work in polymer clay.  Here is one of her pieces using    Seed bead, Crystal and Pearl Beaded Bracelet

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Crocheted Creations by Steph - Featured Artist

 Stephanie Gorgas is a crochet artist with a shop on GoodSmith.com .  She learned    
her crocheting skill from her Yiayia (her Greek grandmother) and she has been crocheting ever since.

All her lovely creations are hand crafted by her and she admits to rarely using published  patterns.  All her pieces are one of a kind, so even though she may make more than one of a certain item, there will always be slight variations in each one.

She also puts her crocheting skills to good use.  She participates in an organization called, Warm Up, America, which is a program of knitters and crocheters who create afghans for people in need.

If you would like to participate in this wonderful project, Stephanie suggests that you check out this site:

Stephanie's skills are evident in the wonderful products that she has for sale on the Goodsmiths.com shop.  I've just picked a few different items to feature from her shop, along with the links back to them.

Large Crochet Bowl by Crocheted Creation by Steph

Kid's Scarf And Hat by Crocheted Creations by Steph

Chair Throw and Matching Pillow by Crocheted Creations by Steph

Medium Depth Bowl by Crocheted Creations by Steph

Crocheted Coaster Set by Crocheted Creations by Steph

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Featured Artist Leydi Diana

Leydi Diana is an amazing pottery artist on Goodsmiths.com  I found her while browsing through the cup section of the ceramics and pottery section.  I was immediately taken by the uniqueness of her work.

This mug is a piece of art.  I love the gears handle.

Colorful Wheel

Then there is this unusual work, called Broken Wall

This whimsical cup is called Cold Sink
 It even has a drain in the bottom!  (See second picture in her listing).

Even her more ordinary items have a definite twist as evidenced by this piece, called Red-Brown Lace

If you are looking for some wonderful, albeit, wacky items, I suggest that you check out this shop.

Black Dog Jewelry Featured Artist from the Polymer Clay Smooshers

The driving force behind Black Dog Jewelry shows that she is a very talented artist in many mediums.  Her jewelry is unique and often whimsical in design.  She is located on the beautiful seaside town of Vero Beach, in Florida, where she takes inspiration from her gorgeous surroundings.

This artist creates wonderful pieces from polymer clay, PMC, copper, bronze and wire.  She states that "I take great pride in creating each piece and will not send it to you until I know it's perfect. Once you have it in your hands you will agree that Black Dog Jewelry is truly one of a kind."  And that is evident by the items in her Art Fire shop, her website and her ETSY shops.  Links to all three can be found at the bottom of this post.

Her interests include: metal fabrication, precious metal clay, art jewelry, fine silver, unique, animal lover, wire wrapping, seaglass, beach glass, polymer clay, critters

She lives with her rescue dog, Rosa, Who loves adventure, walks, doggy yoga and playing with her Daddy.  Rosa also loves to join her in going for rides on the paddle boat. 
                                                                                         Star Mummy Necklace


Even her beautiful PMC work has a whimsical flair, as evidenced by this
Silver Pig Necklace

                   And this Wired Christmas Tree shows her proficiency at wire work.
                                                                       Silver Sea Turtle

Black Dog Jewelry Website
Black Dog Jewelry Blog
Black Dog Jewelry on Art Fire
Black Dog Jewelry on ETSY as WiredNFired
Black Dog Jewelry on Face Book

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012

Let's Promote on Goodsmith,com

Let's Promote!

October 01, 2012
I decided to undertake a promotion campaign.  I'm promoting not only Goodsmith, itself, to try to drive more traffic and consequently more sales, but also individual artists there.  As we all know, exposure drives sales and the more exposure we can give each other, the better we will all do.

I started today by promoting six shops here on Goodsmiths by posting one item from their shops on Face Book, Twitter, Pinterest and G+.  I don't know that I will have the time  to promote that many every day, but I'm going to give it the old college try!

Here are links to the shops I promoted today:

The New England Wreath Company
Soaps And More
Kitschy Cat Lady
Hook, Pen And Needle
Miss Prissy's Candle Shoppe
Crocheted Creations by Steph

If you have  time, I urge you all to do some promotion of others.  It helps them out and builds good Karma!

Black Is Black

Black as night, little black dress, black as my soul, these are expressions using the color black.  The color black, when used in polymer clay as a medium sets off other colors, making them more vibrant and vital.

I have chosen some pieces made by members of the Polymer Clay Smoosher's Guild on Art Fire to highlight this.

Night Fire Polymer Clay Pendant by Valerie's Stuff

The use of black in this pendant by Valerie's Stuff really shows off the flame pattern in this striking pendant.

Polymer Rainbow Swirl Adjustable Copper Ring by Flower Child's Art Jewelry

The black clay used in this adjustable copper ring by Flower Child's Art Jewelry brings the other colors to life, giving them an added depth. 

Black and White Raw Polymer Clay Cane by Blue Morning Expressions

The black in this raw cane by Blue Morning Expressions, provides a vivid contrast to the pattern.

Black Bear Polymer Clay Charm Necklace by Black Dog Jewelry

This adorable black bear necklace by Black Dog Jewelry shows a wonderful use of black polymer clay in the bear figure.

Black and White Kaleidoscope Earrings by Amazing Designs

These earrings by Amazing Designs, again shows how black contrasting with white can make a simple pair of earrings, striking.

OOAK Cat Sculpture by Creative Critters

And Creative Critters talented use of black for her cat sculpture brings back memories of some of my favorite kitties.

All in all, I think the color black draws our eyes to a piece of jewelry the way no other color does.