Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Crocheted Creations by Steph - Featured Artist

 Stephanie Gorgas is a crochet artist with a shop on GoodSmith.com .  She learned    
her crocheting skill from her Yiayia (her Greek grandmother) and she has been crocheting ever since.

All her lovely creations are hand crafted by her and she admits to rarely using published  patterns.  All her pieces are one of a kind, so even though she may make more than one of a certain item, there will always be slight variations in each one.

She also puts her crocheting skills to good use.  She participates in an organization called, Warm Up, America, which is a program of knitters and crocheters who create afghans for people in need.

If you would like to participate in this wonderful project, Stephanie suggests that you check out this site:

Stephanie's skills are evident in the wonderful products that she has for sale on the Goodsmiths.com shop.  I've just picked a few different items to feature from her shop, along with the links back to them.

Large Crochet Bowl by Crocheted Creation by Steph

Kid's Scarf And Hat by Crocheted Creations by Steph

Chair Throw and Matching Pillow by Crocheted Creations by Steph

Medium Depth Bowl by Crocheted Creations by Steph

Crocheted Coaster Set by Crocheted Creations by Steph

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