Monday, October 1, 2012

Black Is Black

Black as night, little black dress, black as my soul, these are expressions using the color black.  The color black, when used in polymer clay as a medium sets off other colors, making them more vibrant and vital.

I have chosen some pieces made by members of the Polymer Clay Smoosher's Guild on Art Fire to highlight this.

Night Fire Polymer Clay Pendant by Valerie's Stuff

The use of black in this pendant by Valerie's Stuff really shows off the flame pattern in this striking pendant.

Polymer Rainbow Swirl Adjustable Copper Ring by Flower Child's Art Jewelry

The black clay used in this adjustable copper ring by Flower Child's Art Jewelry brings the other colors to life, giving them an added depth. 

Black and White Raw Polymer Clay Cane by Blue Morning Expressions

The black in this raw cane by Blue Morning Expressions, provides a vivid contrast to the pattern.

Black Bear Polymer Clay Charm Necklace by Black Dog Jewelry

This adorable black bear necklace by Black Dog Jewelry shows a wonderful use of black polymer clay in the bear figure.

Black and White Kaleidoscope Earrings by Amazing Designs

These earrings by Amazing Designs, again shows how black contrasting with white can make a simple pair of earrings, striking.

OOAK Cat Sculpture by Creative Critters

And Creative Critters talented use of black for her cat sculpture brings back memories of some of my favorite kitties.

All in all, I think the color black draws our eyes to a piece of jewelry the way no other color does.


  1. Wow- you found some really great items here! Thank you so much for including my black cat! :-)

  2. I love how versatile polymer clay is. Thanks for including my black bear!