Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wyvern Designs Apparel and Toys For The Fashionable Dog

 I'm launching a new on line shop.   Well, it's not really new, I've had this shop open for a while but I'm going in a new direction. 

I have a shop on Art Fire called Wyvern Designs.  In it I have all manner of different hand made items.  Recently, I decided that my Art Fire shop looked too chaotic and decided that I should streamline it.  I'm in the process of removing everything not jewelry related and listing those things in my other shops.  The one I'm writing about today is Wyvern Designs on Goodsmiths

I have a rescued Lab mix that I love making things for, especially toys and doggy bandanas.
 Here's Finn with his favorite toy.

 I've started listing items on Goodsmiths as of a few days ago and I'd like to get the word out about my new shop. 

Goodsmiths is a relatively new venue and while it doesn't get the views that Art Fire or Etsy does, I think it's up and coming.  Right now I have a free shop which means that I can list up to 25 items.  They also have a paid plan for $5.00 a month with unlimited listings along with other benefits, but for right now I'm sticking with the freebie.  Like Art Fire, you have to go out and get people to come to your shop with good photos and detailed descriptions. I'm used to that and hope to make a going concern of this shop in the near future.

My items include tug toys, doggy bandanas and pet related ornaments.  I will soon  also have polymer clay dog tags and some cat related items. 

Feel free to visit my new shop.  While right now I only have a few items. I will be listing more soon. 

Finn modeling his new bandana

Wyvern Designs is also on Etsy where I sell hand made wool and other material pincushions and sewing items, such as buttons and the like, and Wyvern Designs on Meylah, where I highlight my knitted and crocheted items.