Friday, October 19, 2012

Eccentric SunShyne on Art Fire - Featured Artist

Eccentric SunShyne on Art Fire has an eclectic mix of steampunk and traditional jewelry with a twist.  She works in a number of mediums to product her unusual pieces and like many of us, she declares that she lives to create art!

She is a former graphic artist and is now a stay-at-home Mom.  She states that polymer clay, beaded and wire jewelry design and metalwork are her current passions.  She also paints in watercolor, acrylics and oils.  She draws, writes poetry and creates textile art, as well.

Such a well rounded and talented artist is sure to be successful in her endeavors.  Check out her work on Art Fire and see her eclectic creations.

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Steampunk Distressed Metal and Wire Earrings by Eccentric SunShyne

                            Steampunk Silver Horse by Eccentric SunShyne


Steampunk Purse Charm by Eccentric SunShyne

Purple Planet Beaded Earrings by Eccentric SunShyne

                                                 Natural Colors Bracelet by Eccentric SunShyne

Copper and Brass Flower Heart Earrings by Eccentric SunShyne

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