Monday, October 29, 2012

Berkshire Bowls - Featured Artist

Scott of Berkshire Bowls started his business in 2010.  He's been in the technology field for several years and has run a sports game website since 2001.

Berkshire bowls was supposed to produce hand-turned wooden bowls
 Birch Stash Box With Spalting

 but as he let his creativity flow, it turned out to be so much more.  He makes stash boxes, wine glasses, bottle stopper, pens and more.  He searches the woods looking for a piece of wood can be turned into a fantastic hand-turned.  He always uses the wood from a felled tree or stump, not so much to be ecologically friendly(although, he see that as a plus), but,as he admits, to be a little frightened of felling a tree himself.
Curly Maple Wood Pen and Pencil Set With Gold Accents

Last year, he found a power tool on sale and not being someone who passes up a bargain, particularly when it concerns a power tool, he bought it.  In his quest to find something new to make with his new tool, he started making puzzles.

His shop is filled with things the delight both children and adults.  This paint-it-yourself  T-Rex Puzzle
would enthrall any dino loving child. And what child isn't fascinated by dinosaurs?

If you prefer, fully painted puzzles are available.  This F15 Jet Fighter Puzzle

caught my eye.  Scott also has some, what I would consider educational puzzle.  This one is a map of the United States,
As well as, several individual states.

He also has a line of wooden toys.  This Fire Engine Push Toy
would delight any young boy.

And this Blue Whale Push Toy
is just too darn cute!

And of course, there are bowls.  This Birch Wood Bowl With Knothole
is spectacular!

You should check this wonderful shop often, as Scott is always adding new creations to his repertoire. 

Scott can also be found here:

Berkshire Bowls on Face Book
Berkshire Bowls on Twitter
His Website

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