Wednesday, January 7, 2015

As The New Year Dawns.....

As the New Year dawns, my thoughts turn to the goals I've been neglecting lately.  I am currently in the midst of cleaning and organizing my studio, which has become a place of chaos and an exercise in frustration.  My studio has gotten so messy and cluttered that I can't find anything anymore.  I've spent the last several days trying to tidy it up so that I can find things.  It's not finished but I've found some things that I thought were lost forever!

Another goal I have is to devote more time to creating and less time procrastinating.  I have all these ideas floating around in my head but ever time I think I should  forget everything else and just go create, something sidetracks me and I never start.  I've gotten a good start.  I'm creating a line of doggy floor cloths, sort of like a place mat for your dog.  I sold one, right before Christmas and the buyer was delighted and even sent me a picture of her dog using his new place mat! I have another one almost ready to go.  All it needs is a coat or two of Polyacrylic sealer and it's good to go.  These place mats take at least two weeks to cure before shipping to allow the paint and sealer to dry fully.

Custom Doggy Floor Cloth
  I've been busy applying gesso to canvas for more doggy floor cloths and a couple of kitty ones, as well!

I have a myriad of other goals for this new year.  One that I hope to attain soon is to get my website up and running but for now I'll settle for the small ones and strive to work to achieve the larger ones.