Thursday, October 25, 2012

Soapfully Good on - Featured Artist

 Debbie of Soapfully Good on is a confessed soapaholic.  Her addiction started many years ago living with her husband who has incredibly sensitive skin.  In her quest to find soap that wouldn't irritate her husband's skin, she realized that most commercially available soaps contained many of the  same chemicals that were in the detergents of the car wash that she owned!

To quote Debbie, "If I wanted my family bathing in chemicals, I would just walk them through the carwash and hand them a towel at the end!"

 So she did what many novice soapmakers do, she went to the craft store and was set to purchase a bar of melt and pour base.  But once she checked the ingredients, she turned around and put it back on the shelf, finding that it, too, was full of additives.
She decided that she would have to do it the old fashion way.

She looks at soap making as a science.  With each new recipe, she has to ensure that each soap has the correct amount of cleansing, hardness, lather, and conditioning.  Her soaps are all natural, with no chemical additives or artificial coloring.

She enjoys educating her customers on the benefits of all natural soap and has a bevy of eager test humans ranging from 4 to 70 years of age willing and eager to test each new recipe.  At least a dozen test humans test each and every one of her products.

Debbie has 8 doggy testers, well, although she states that they do not seem to be as enthusiastic as her human testers.  In fact, she says that she thinks her Jack Russell is convinced that once a week, she is trying to kill him by drowning!

Her most ardent fan is her youngest tester, her 4 year old grandson.  He has his own soap dish in the bathroom where he keeps the bar of soap he is currently testing.  He loves watching her unmold her batches of soap, stating enthusiastically, "I want that in my bathroom!"  Debbie's soap must be wonderful if she can get a 4 year old to willingly use soap!

I urge you all to check out this "soapaholic's" shop and perhaps, find a new product that is good for your skin.  I've featured some of my favorite products from her Goodsmiths shop below.

Debbie can be found here, as well:
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                                                                 Kitchen Brew Handmade Cold Process Coffee Soap

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