Friday, February 23, 2018

Fashionable Monkey Fist Knot Key Chains

I love tying these wonderfully intricate knots.  They look complicated but once you start, you just can't stop!  These key chains come with a 1 inch key ring and a 1.5 inch blue metal carabiner. Never lose your keys again!  These key chains can be clipped to a belt loop, purse or backpack.

Rainbow Monkey Fist Knot Key Chain

The monkey fist or paw knot is an ancient knot used by sailors and climbers. The monkey fist or paw knot s a type of knot, so named because it looks somewhat like a small bunched fist. It is tied at the end of a rope to serve as a weight, making it easier to throw, and also as an ornamental knot. It was also used in the past as an anchor in rock climbing, by stuffing it into a crack.

It has also been used as a weapon, but none of my Monkey Fist Knot Key Chains are meant for such a use.  Most of my key chains have a felted wool ball at their center.  A few have a small wooden ball inside.

Red Monkey Fist Knot Key Chain

If you love purple, this purple Monkey Fist Knot is just for you!

Purple Monkey Fist Knot Key Chain

And for the guys, Green Camo Monkey Fist Knot Key Chain

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Hand Felted Leaf Shaped Amulet Pouch

 Hand Felted Leaf Shaped Amulet Pouch

This amulet pouch is constructed from hand felted wool in a leaf shape. The wonderful swirls of purples, orange, yellows, and green evoke a walk in the forest.

This amulet bag has 3 silver leafed leaf charms, hand made polymer clay beads, and I have used a 26 inch piece of recycled sari silk to hang from your neck.

Wear this leaf shaped amulet bag near your heart and filled with your favorite talisman, whatever you use to bring you good luck... a gem or stone, coins, drawings, dried plants or herbs, even words or prayers.

If you know someone who is going through a tough time include a prayer for them in your amulet bag. You will be reminded to include them in your good wishes each time you touch the bag. The bag can be worn inside your clothing and so be closer to your heart.

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