Friday, April 28, 2017

Monkey Fist Knot Key Chains

I'm not  big on the outdoors or sailing  but I've fallen in love with the monkey fist or paw knot.  It's an intricate looking but surprisingly simple knot that is fascinating and satisfying to tie.

The monkey fist knot or monkey paw is a type of knot, so named because it looks somewhat like a small bunched fist. It is tied at the end of a rope to serve as a weight, making it easier to throw, and also as an ornamental knot. It was also used in the past as an anchor in rock climbing, by stuffing it into a crack.

I've started using this knot to make key chains and zipper pulls.  My key chains are lightweight because I use a hand felted wool ball as the center.  When researching on how to tie the monkey fist knot, some tutorials recommended a metal ball for use as the center but I prefer the felted ball.  The felted ball is lightweight and so will not add a lot of extra weight to your pocket, belt, purse or backpack.

Rainbow Monkey Fist Knot Key Chain
Camo Green Monkey Fist Knot Key Chain
Rainbow an Neon Yellow Monkey Fist Knot Zipper Pulls