Thursday, May 16, 2013

It's Smoosher Time!

For this week's blog roll topic for the      Polymer Clay Smoosher's Guild
on Art fire, I decided to focus on shops that have less than 25 sales.  So here are a few that I chose at random.

Creation In Clay  states in her bio that she has always loved creating.  Her favorite medium is polymer clay with which she creates some magical items. I love this Collectible Owl Magnet 
He's a little bit cross eyed, but soo cute!

Second Sister At MoArk Jewelry  moved to the Ozarks with her husband to retire.  She says retirement never happened.  Together, they work for the all volunteer local ambulance service and run a small home garden business.  She is a self taught jewelry artist who admits that when she first started selling her jewelry on line, didn't have a clue about marketing, Twitter or blogging.  It appears she's come a long way.  I love this Red Hats Bobblehead Nightlight 

TTE Designs  is another creative soul from the Smoosher's guild.  She has always been creative and has lived with her Navy helicopter pilot husband all around the USA, including Guam.  When they moved to Virginia, at the urging of her husband and her friend she started making and selling jewelry at craft fairs.  She finally landed at Art Fire and sells her wonderful creations there.  Here is one of her pieces.

Another creative member of the Smoosher's is the creator of Valerie's Stuff
She says she discovered polymer clay about six years ago, but it wasn't until she learned the mica shift technique that her art really took off.  Right now, she admits to being in love with the effect of alcohol inks and polymer clay.  This Iris and Spider Polymer Clay Cuff Bracelet  

 was made using a three color cane of brick red, yellow and green.

These are a few of the talented members of the Polymer Clay Smoosher's Guild on Art Fire.  I hope you find the time to check them out.


  1. I have always loved working with Polymer Clay. Such a wonderful medium. There is amazing talent in the Smooshers Guild. :)

  2. Wow, polymer clay can be "smooshed" into all kinds of wonderful things!

  3. Looks like there's no limit to the items to be made from polymer clay! Love the sand dollar earring pendant set.

  4. Thanks so much for featuring me in your blog roll. I hope 2013 is my year to exceed 25 sales :-D

  5. Thanks so much for featuring me :)


  6. I'm a so far secret smoosher. One of these days I will be bold enough to list something. It will be a few weeks yet, though. I enjoy working in the medium more than stringing my beads and amulets, more than making bronze pieces, more than any other of my endeavors, including writing, which ranks very high with me. Thanks so much for pointing us to your blog.

  7. Fascinating. Kind of odd because I made a poly clay collection this morning. Such a versatile medium, as the artists featured definitely show! Thanks for sharing.

  8. I have wanted to try polymer clay but just haven't had the time. I will have to put that on my start sooner than later list because of all the beautiful items you have shown us today.

  9. It's always nice to learn about other guilds on Artfire. Thanks for giving us a sneak peek on Polymer Clay Smoosher's Guild. Like Cathy, I have always wanted to try polymer clay but I honestly don't think that I would have time anytime soon. But I do know that I admire these artists and their beautiful works.

  10. I'm always amazed what the Polymer artists are able to create - a fascinating medium for sure. Great post :)

  11. You've chosen some lovely shops and artisans here! Their work is beautiful.

  12. Great post of those talented smooshers. It is great to meet the artists and see behind the scenes. all of these are great samples of these talented artists.
    Julie and Blu