Wednesday, May 8, 2013

As Blue As The Sky And The Deep Blue Sea

The color blue is a favorite among a large number of people.  I'll bet that if a study was done about a person's favorite color, a large majority of the population would pick some shade of blue as their favorite color.

There is sky blue and indigo blue,  periwinkle blue and baby blue But, no matter, what shade is your favorite, you're sure to love at least one of the blues used in these pieces by the Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild on Art Fire.

First up is a Morning Glory Covered Needle Case by Art Maker's Worlds 
This piece is a wonderful place to store your needles, whether you are hand stitching, doing needle point or beading.

Although winter is over, at least in most of the country, this pale blue Shimmering Star Snowflake Ornament by Creation In Clay 
caught my eye for its intricacy and beauty.

has patina added to give it an antique look and the back is as lovely and interesting as the front.
This Soulful Sprite By Amy Crawley  was inspired by Celtic worry stones and can be used for meditation.  The serene face on this piece has me itching to get back to my yoga and meditation.

is another in her long line of heart pendants.  The metallic blue is gorgeous against the black heart.

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