Friday, July 20, 2012

It's Better When It's Blue!

Lisian Blue is the featured artist for the It's Better Handmade Guild on Art Fire this week.  Kris, the shop owner, Got her shop name from the listhianthus flower, which is one of her favorites, especially the blue, so she changed the listhianthus to lisian and added blue to come up lisianblue.

This talented lady live in  Albuquerque, New Mexico and has a wide variety of talents, including  painting ornaments, designing & making stained glass ,painting glass, making unique creations, photography, sewing,quilting,crocheting, knitting,woodwork,plants,birds,animals, nature, art nouveau,art deco, and last but not least her kids and grandchildren.

She lives with her 12 year old cat who according to her "who doesn't paint, doesn't help me pack, heck he doesn't even chase mice, but I love him anyway."

She has some unique items in her shop, including this lovely  Hand Painted Viotet Bouquet Egg

This  Stained Glass Paperweight/Suncatcher  was first made out of paper.  Then she realized that it would be wonderful made from stained glass.

 I particularly like this Painted Fetish Bear  which comes with its own legend in the listing's description.

 She also sells hand painted glass hearts, appliques and suncatchers in her shop.  I recommend visiting her shop and reading her blog and she can also be found here:

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