Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Animals On The Prowl

Everyone seems to love the look of animal prints these days.  From zebra to Dalmatian spots animal prints have long been a staple of the fashion industry.   Those of you familiar with polymer clay have long known that this particular medium adapts well to fashioning creative pieces using animal prints.

Art Fire's Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild contains some of the most talented polymer clay artists around.  Here are a few examples of their take on animal prints.

shows the depth of color that can be achieved with polymer clay.

Here is a Leopard Print Pendant from Dream Weavers Designs

that is amazing.

This Giraffe Print Pendant Necklace by Flower Childs Artsy Jewelry

shows the technique of making animal prints in polymer clay wonderfully.

And while I don't usually include myself in these guild blog posts, I'm particularly fond of these Zebra Print Purse Earrings

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