Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Here Comes Fall

I know it's still summer and a lot of people don't like to be reminded that Autumn, and hence Winter is right around the corner, but Fall is my favorite season.

You can't beat the sights and smells of Autumn, from the invigorating scent of a crisp Fall morning to the glorious sight of the riotous Fall foliage, Autumn is the best.

Since the topic for the Blogging Again Ring on Face Book was a "chose your own topic", I decided to feature some items with Fall colors.

This whimsical Baby or Toddller Hat from SolHeritage is an adorable addition to your child's wardrobe.
 With the deep red color of Autumn leaves, this Rose Shimmer Clutch by HevVinDesigns  is evocative of that almost maroon color some maple trees put out in the Fall.

The Red Head Witch Doll by FantasyClayStore  Is the perfect decoration for Halloween, my favorite holiday.
From Pottery Heaven, I chose this Orange Unity Set  Perfect for a Fall wedding.
This Butterscotch Polymer Clay pendant by ValeriesStuff  Has the golds, salmons and browns of Autumn leaves.
This Slouch Beanie by TLYarnCrafts  would be the perfect accessory for a crisp Fall day!
Black and Orange Fingerless Gloves by Wyverndesigns  
would keep you warm out trick or treating on a cool Halloween night.
However you slice it, Autumn is one of the coolest(pun intended) time of the year.


  1. What great items! Thank you for including my pendant. And I agree...fall is fabulous!! :)

  2. Fall is my favorite season, too, a glorious, bittersweet time of the year filled with cooler temperatures, blazing colors and wonderful smells. Great items to celebrate Autumn!

  3. I was a Fall baby, and it has always been my favorite season. Your featured items in the blog really do evoke that nostalgic feeling for Fall, foliage and the reminder that Spring and Summer don't last forever.

  4. I like Spring and Fall here on the East Coast so I can understand that. Although I like summer we live nowhere close to an ocean or lake for that matter... and no pool! So yeah Fall is cooler but still kinda nice weather usually and Cleo our Newfoundland prefers the cooler weather too.

    Love the items you picked out for your post. #awesomeness

  5. Fall in north Florida eventually gets here, usually by October when the weather cools down. Not too much fall color like in the northern states, though, so I enjoy seeing the traditional colors of yellow, rust, orange, and maroon in fabrics, home decor, and jewelry.

  6. I love Winter and Fall definitely is one of my favorite. Those items are fantastic!

  7. It's hard to believe that summer is almost over. I'm not sure I'm ready for this!