Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Everyone has a most favorite creature and , no doubt, a least favorite.  Some people have a deep aversion to snakes, spiders, or bats.  Most people love dogs, cats or anything furry and cuddly.  The only creatures that I dislike are blood suckers.  No I don't mean vampires, although, if I met one, I might be adverse to letting it come too close.  I mean ticks, mosquitoes, horse flies and the like.  I happen to love snakes, lizards, toads, frogs, and bats.  But then, I've been told that I'm not normal in that respect.  But, whatever your favorite animal is, you're sure to love these handmade beauties from the Blogging Again Ring on Face Book.

Halloween Rate Yarn Wreath by SolHeritage  started out as a joke between the creator and her Dad.  It features two "faux" rats, one of which is clutching an eyeball!
Perfectly macabre for Halloween!
Mrs. Hoot and Owlivia by TLYarnCrafts  are hand crocheted pushies, made to order by their creator.  20% of all revinue from these little cuties goes to support non-profit programs that support women and girls inn leadership, sports, and the arts.

Angelina Ballerina Ornament by FantasyClayStore  
This little  mouse ornament is polymer clay over glass and is lightweight.  It would be a wonderful addition to any Christmas tree or little girl's room.

Scraps of glass were added to these Ceramic Butterfly Wine Glass Charms by Pottery Heaven  to create the different colors on each butterfly.
And since I'm not totally selfless, I thought I'd add my Quote The Raven Nevermore Earrings by WyverndDesigns 

I hope you enjoy these creature finds as much as I enjoyed finding them.


  1. A cute collection of critters! The owl pushies are adorable!

  2. Oh, those rats are so gross! But very creative!

  3. I hate mosquitoes! Especially because they tend to be attracted to me and my son more so than to other people. lol. I love your finds, the owls are especially the cutest!

  4. Actually, I have been admiring those ravens every time I check in at your shop ;) I don't like rodents,especially the flying one! I don't mind insects or snakes, however. Spiders fascinate me. Thanks for the blog. I have been in awe of your little clay critters for a long time.