Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Flowers of Summer

Summer is the time of flowers.  They can be seen in sculptured gardens amidst well-manicured lawns and in riotous masses by the roadside.  In my yard I have black-eyed Susan's just coming into bloom and fragrant three foot phlox with its wonderful scent reminiscent of lilac.  I have lavender and chamomile with their blooms of purple, white and yellow sprinkled about my yards.

While Autumn is my favorite season, I can't help but be joyful when I look out on my beautiful garden with its cacophony of color like a symphony for the eyes.

I chose some wonderful florals from the Blogging Again Ring on FaceBook to feature in my ode to summer flowers.

Valerie's Stuff on Etsy is a prime example of abstract art mirroring life.  Her wonderful pieces are a riot of color, just like a summer garden.

Hand Painted Abstract Summer Purple Flowers by Valerie's Stuff
Hand Painted Flower In Full Bloom Pendant by Valerie's Stuff

While this piece is an obvious abstract, it reminds me of a flower.

These pieces by Pottery Heaven on Etsy also remind me of flowers.  Their subtle colors are soothing to the eye.
Ceramic Wine Glass Charm by Pottery Heaven
Fantasy Clay Store on Etsy has some lovely and unique pieces.  I love her dragons but these floral pieces evoke the joy of a summer garden.


These little fabric covered stud earrings from TL Yarn Crafts on Etsy are understated, yet elegant.  Perfect for casual wear in the summer.

I had to add a few on my own floral pieces, just to round out this post.  Wyvern Designs on Art Fire

Bottle Cap Wool Felted Pincushion


  1. Your garden sounds wonderful! I seem to only be able to maintain the hardier flowers such as Cosmos and Tiger Lilies, makes for a kinda wild looking yard but boy do they make me happy!
    Thank you for including my pieces :).

  2. What wonderful pieces and your garden sounds fantastic!

  3. My garden is a bit wild but I like it that way. I love flowers that come back every year and need little attention besides a bit of weeding. Valerie, I have tiger lilies, as well, masses and masses of them. they are blooming right now and are getting a little past peak but still beautiful!

  4. To have a wild flower garden again . . . sigh . . . I love living in the desert but miss all the myriad of flowers I used to be able to grow. But I do love the permanent flowers you chose for this post, Nancy! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Sounds like you have a beautiful garden! Thank you for sharing these beautiful creations with us.

  6. Oh, your garden sounds like the kind I enjoy most. That English country garden look is perfect. I am sure your riot of flowers is beautiful and smells lovely.

  7. I have a few pots with petunias, trailing petunias, lobelia, and alyssum, Wish I could have a cottage garden, but the intense sun at altitude, drying winds, low natural rainfall, and ground critters of all sorts have beaten me in any efforts to date. Thanks for sharing these fun floral handmade finds.

  8. Love that purple flower pendant! I finally have my gardenia blooming. I almost killed it over the winter. I am thinking it should inspire me somehow, but so far it hasn't. It smells good though.

  9. Flower gardens fill our lives with beauty and are a delight to the eyes with their variety of color, size, and texture. The items you've chosen to highlight capture some of that beauty.