Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Birds, Bugs And Lizards, Oh My!

I have a fascination with birds, bugs and lizards.    I live in Central New England, in a town that is not too far from a largish city but you would be amazed at the number of fauna that resides in my neighborhood. 

We have the ever present coyotes.  There is a family of skunks, a mama and approximately 8 babies,  living nearby.  There are foxes and rabbits and even a fisher cat in my area.  The other day I disturbed a garter snake with a half swallowed toad in its mouth.  I have hawks for neighbors and crows that keep up a raucous chorus in the woods behind my house.  Bald eagles nest Within 10 miles of my home.    And salamanders live under the rocks next to the brook which runs next to my house.  Toads and frogs can often be spotted hopping across my lawn, especially when I'm out mowing the grass.

I get to watch Nature's creatures on a daily basis, so it's no wonder that I picked some of these creatures as the topic for this week's Polymer Clay Smooshers    blog roll topic.

The Smooshers are a guild of talented  artists on Art Fire.  Their works include jewelry, home decor and sculptures.  I've chosen a few pieces from their shops to feature having to do with our current topic.

These Butterfly Focal Beads from Kimis-From-The-Heart  are wonderfully intricate, and beautiful to boot.
The Worry Worms Desk Ornament by Creation In Clay  will share the burden of your worries while, at the same time, making you smile.
Next from TTE Designs Rustic Woodland Dragonfly Pendant and Earring Set  is a little bit of heavenly nature.

This Graduate Owl Ornament from Amy Crawley  would be the perfect gift in this graduation season.

The Bird Tile Earrings by Amazing Designs are a true work of art.  
I had to add these Military Macaw Earrings from Wyvern Daesigns  because they are one of my  favorite creations in my shop.
While I could only find one lizard made from polymer clay in my search through the Smooshers shops , I think this item is one of my favorite depictions of lizards that I've seen.  Blue and Yellow Beaded Lizards by Creative Critters


  1. Sounds like you live in a jungle!! :) Seriously though how wonderful to be surrounded by so much of Mother's Nature. Great post and love all the Polymer Smooshers' creations.

  2. Love nature themed jewelry, decor, etc. You sure highlighted a lot of polyclay beauties from the Smooshers. And you must live in a bit of animal heaven with all the creatures that live nearby! great post!

  3. The place where you live sounds so very wonderful. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful creations by the ever so talented members of the Smooshers :)

  4. Amazing creations from nature. Smooshing the statue of a lizard is a real art. All items are very beautiful. Thanks for writing this blog.

  5. Lizards. Awesomeness... hehe...

    This is a wonderful blog post. Love the selection of work too!

  6. Wonderful selection of creatures from the Smooshers. Living amongst a lot of nature gives you all types of inspiration. Love your macaws :)

    Julie and Blu

  7. As a quilter I sew, but can't make a sculpture to save my life so I'm always in awe of those of you that can. Love all the things you make out of the clay. Dragonfly pendant and earrings are calling me... hmmmmm


  8. I love the polymer clay creatures you've featured in your post. For some reason, the "worry worms" really touched me. I like that you shared a little bit about the wildlife around your home. I also enjoy living in a "wild" place and appreciate the sounds and sights of birds, coyotes, bear, ground squirrels, bobcats, etc. No salamanders, however. :(

  9. Lots of unique depictions cast in clay! There are a variety of critters around my home, too - a dragonfly perching on a leaf, lizards sunning themselves on the sidewalk, birds making a ruckus in the treetops, and frogs singing heartily after a rainstorm. There is always a bit of pandemonium if a frog or lizard happens to get into the house!

  10. What a great blog and a beautiful collection of birds, bugs and lizards.

  11. What a great post! I adore all creatures great and small, so I can certainly relate to this one ;) Thank you so much for including my lizard jar with all these wonderful creature creations!
    -Michelle of CreativeCritters

  12. Fantastic creations from the Smooshers! What a wonderfully talented group they are - I continue to be amazed at the versatility of poly clay.

    Your neighborhood sounds delightful too!

  13. I'd say that you live in a very interesting place, with so many creatures surrounding you. Oh My! :-)

    Beautiful findings! I love the Butterfly beads, so cool and pretty!

    Adorebynat - Handmade Party Decorations and Stationery

  14. The Smoochers do excellent and very interesting work. I love them all. Thanks for sharing so many amazing critters made of polymer clay.