Thursday, April 18, 2013

Creatures In Polymer Clay

Polymer clay lends itself well to sculpting.  Pieces can be sculpted in stages, baked, and put together either using a glue suitable for polymer clay or liquid polymer clay which is then baked again to cure it.  Or the polymer clay pieces can be sculpted as a whole and then baked.  Polymer clay is sturdy, once baked and can be sanded and painted, as desired, after it is cured.

These artists of the Polymer Clay Smoosher's Guild on Art Fire have mastered the technique of sculpting with polymer clay.  The pieces I've featured run the gambit from the sublime to the whimsical.

This Moss Green and Lavender Dragon Pendant Necklace by Fantasy Clay  
looks like she has a secret that she might be willing to share.

The Octopus With Glo-In-The-Dark Skull Halloween Collectable by Creation In Clay
has a steam punk feel to it.

is adorable and would wonderful on any baby shower cake.
The Polymer Clay Frog - Girl by Handmade Specialties     could sit on your child's shelf or inspire their imagination to put on a puppet show.
anyone would love this whimsical  Zebra Necklace by Black Dog Jewelry   

  On the whole, polymer clay is a versatile medium that lends itself readily to sculpting using various different techniques. 

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