Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring into Fashion With Some New Jewelry!

Now that Spring is officially here, it's time to clean out your jewelry box and replace those tired old pieces with some gorgeous new pieces.

Some people look down on polymer clay as a "craft" material and not an, Art, (with a big A), material but polymer clay artists have come a long way towards being accepted by the art community.  Some polymer clay artists, such as Donna Kato and Lisa Pavelka, have shown what an amazing medium polymer clay can be.

There is a talented group of polymer clay artists on Art Fire.  Some of them are members of the Polymer Caly Smooshers Guild, of which I am a member.  It is some of these artists that I wish to highlight, today.

This Gorgeous Garden Butterfly Bracelet by Gaia Copia Artisan Jewelry
shows what amazing finishes can be achieved with polymer clay and a little paint.  The bracelet looks like metal but would be much lighter than a comparable metal bracelet.

The Nature Themed Pendant Necklace by Art Asylum
is wild and free, similar to Spring time's riotous growth (before we step in and tame it)!

The Flower Covered Leaf Shaped Pendant With Silver Bale by Amazing Designs
brings to mind a lush Spring flower garden.

This  One Rose Bud Pendant by Valerie's Stuff 
Is charming and elegant in it's simplicity.

And while not jewelry, I couldn't resist this adorable Gold Turtle With An Orchid Flower by Ellymm
He or she is much too cute to leave out!

So, go, getting cleaning and fill your jewelry box with some beautiful and wonderful polymer clay!


  1. Awesome post! I do so need to make some for my own jewelry box. I seem to get caught up in making all of my jewelry for sale and often forget about me!
    Thanks for including my cuff up there!

  2. Beautiful post!!! and Thank you for featuring it amongst such talented artisans!!!