Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring Has Sprung, Almost

With the coming of Spring, my thoughts have turned to the promise of green grass and flowers in my garden.  Although, here where I live, the ground is still rock hard and covered with a mixture of snow and ice, with the promise of more to come in the coming week, Spring is less than a week away!

So, in honor of the new season, I created a Spring Flower Necklace to celebrate the potential for  warmer temperatures and gentler breezes.

Spring Daisy Necklace from Wyvern Designs

The pendant is quite large, measuring 4" across and is a bold Spring statement piece.  The daisy is hand crafted from polymer clay and the petals are filled with Delta PermEnamel glass paint, giving it the look of enamel.  Some of  the beads for the necklace, the green, yellow and gold leafed ones, are hand made.  The larger beads are a combination of acrylic pearls and cultured freshwater pearls.  The whole piece is finished off with an antiqued silver plated toggle clasp.

I really like this piece and plan to make a similar on for myself, maybe in a different color.  The gold leafing gives the necklace a retro/vintage look and reminds me of some of the vintage costume jewelry from the 50's. 

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