Monday, September 24, 2012

The Attack Of the Fingerless Gloves

They seem to be everywhere on line, yet I very rarely see anyone wearing them  I, myself, love knitting them.  I found instructions on knitting gloves and mittens using two circular needles and I haven't stopped knitting since.

The two circular needle method takes quite a bit of getting used to.  The way I describe it is, it is like trying to knit with an octopus.  You have four needle points and because I'm lazy and always leave the weaving in of the yarn ends till the end, I have all the assorted yarn ends hanging down, as well.  Sometimes it gets very confusing and more than once, I've had to rip out all my work and start all over because I couldn't figure out where I was.

I'm finally starting to master the technique and I'm getting better at it.  Here's a couple of examples of pieces knitted using two circular needles.

Fingerless Gloves with Mitten Tops

Black and Orange Fingerless Gloves

Hand Knitted Fingerless Gloves

And I really love this purple hat!
Purple Knitted Lacy Hat with Flower

If you are a knitter, I urge you to try this technique, if you haven't already.

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  1. HeHe now that I'm finally getting working with 4 double pointed needles down, I'll stick with that - knitting with an octopus - I can imagine! Great benefit of not having your work fall off though! I love fingerless gloves and frequently wear them! I only have 2 pairs for sale, but have made more for me and family!