Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sculpture In Polymer Clay

Polymer clay lends itself well to sculpting a variety of items.  I've never sculpted anything out of clay that needs a kiln to fire it, so I'm not sure how different that would be.  But I do know that for smaller items, like those below, polymer clay is a wonderful medium.

Polymer clay comes in a number of colors and can be easily mixed to get just the right shade.  It can also be fired in a oven over and over again so that you may add different elements to your sculpture.  It can be painted with acrylic paints, tinted with shiny mica powders, and antiqued to give it an aged look.  Then it can be wet sanded and buffed or coated with an acrylic sealer like Future floor wax to give it a nice shiny finish.

The artists below have obviously mastered the art of sculpting with polymer clay.  I've including there Art Fire shop link so that you may see other items by these talented people.
Roly Poly Santa Ornament by Harrison Hollow Designs

Teacher's Pet by Quernus Crafts

Kimi's Jewelry From The Heart
Bear With Blue Roses Necklace by Kimi's Jewelry From The Heart

Fantasy Clay
SteamPunk Dragon Pendant by Fantasy Clay

Art Vision
Sculptured Bird Necklace by Art Visions

Creative Critters
Ooak Lighted Pixie Oak Tree House by Creative Critters

Amazing Designs
Cymbidium Orchid Refrigerator Magnet by Amazing Designs

Amy Crawley
Grey Tabby Cat Ornament by Amy Crawley

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  1. Beauties all! Polymer Clay Smooshers are one talented group! Thank you for including me in their ranks.