Tuesday, August 14, 2012


So I joined a new selling site a while ago, Wyvern Designs on Goodsmith.com and finally set up my shop the other day.  I, also  list on Art Fire and I have an Etsy shop, although I've let everything expire there and I'm not sure if I'm going to keep my shop open.

Goodsmith.com is fairly new and there are still some bugs that need to be worked out, such as the fact that the photos of some product get cut off at odd places.
Niamh the Forest Fairie

The second photo in the listing is cut off at the head and the knees.  It makes it look like I'm selling doll body parts!

But they are working on a fix and they've posted some tips on how to deal with the photo problem until they they fix it.  

They seem very responsive to sellers needs and questions and hopefully the good communication will continue.

There are no listing fees and until sometime in 2013 the fee once you sell something is 2%.  It will go up to 2.5%  in 2013.

I would recommend this site, especially to those who want to try selling on line but don't have the cash to start their own website or pay a monthly fee.

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