Monday, July 2, 2012

Howling Caterpillar of the IBH Guild on Art Fire

So, this week's victim of the IBH Guild's Blog Roll is Howling Caterpillars
I love the name and her Art Fire shop avatar.  She also happens to be a fellow New Englander, hailing from Weymouth, MA.  She is also a fellow Pagan. 

This talented crafter admits to be a Jill of All Trades and her shop shows this. Her gorgeous products range from Dream Webs (kind of like Dream Catchers but since she is not Native American, she didn't feel it was right to call them Dream Catchers), to jewelry, ArchAngel bottles and altars in a jar.

You can also earn good Karma points by purchasing one of the  chokers on her site.  These were made by a friend's husband who was 1/4 Choctaw.  He, unfortunately passed away and she is helping her friend out by selling the chokers he made.

She has several blogs, this one: Demented Scribbling About Stuff and this one: Howling Caterpillars Maybe Daily Crafty Blog which highlight her sense of humor which is a little to the left of normal (I mean that as a compliment).
Some of her entries had me falling down laughing.

Her Art Fire blog is a delight to read and I recommend all these as prime reading material.

Here are some of her wonderful pieces.

Good for Karma points  Rose and Quartz and Silver Choker

Three Wise Monkeys Dream Web

Divine ArchAngel Bottles


  1. Nice article. She makes very unique DreamWebs.And what a sense of humour! Reading her blogs will brighten your day.

  2. Beautiful article about HowlingCaterpillars and her dedication to Native American Heritage, handmade and what a sense of humor. I really enjoyed your article.


  3. Super write up. It's interesting which people focus on different parts of a person and their items, stories etc.

  4. Super cool shop! Thanks for the introduction to such a talent

  5. Love this girl, great sense of humor and what a talent, check out her shop quickly before its all gone...♥

  6. Great post on this unique artisan!

  7. Thanks for the praise, Wyvern!

    I WISH, Monika LOL

    Thanks, Judy, Daffy, Best, Cathy, Marge.

  8. Very nice feature on Brenda.


  9. It is fun to see what everyone picks, nice feature!