Monday, July 2, 2012

The Art of Millefiori In Polymer Clay

Millefiori or thousand flowers is usually associated with glass work but it lends itself beautifully to polymer clay.

The Millefiori technique was in use long before the term was coined and the beads produced by this method were previously known as mosaic beads.

For those of us who work in polymer clay, this is a wonderful,as well as arduous technique, that invloves stacking and wrapping rods of polymer clay to make a cane pattern, be it a flower, butterfly or even a face.

The cane can then be reduced or made thicker by manipulating the clay.  This technique can produce some wonderful pieces and even "mistakes" can be incorporated into earrings, pendants or home decor.

The following pieces were created by members of the Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild on Art Fire and highlight some of the best polymer clay Millefiori work that I've seen.

Think Pink Hearts and Flowers Pendant from Kimi's Jewelry From the Heart

Big Beads Chrysi Necklace by Captured by Lori

Polymer Clay Covered Round Tin by TTE designs

Perfume Pen by Renaissance Gal of San Antonio

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