Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's A Zoo Out There!

This week's Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild Blog Roll features a zoo theme.  I was hard put to choose which artists I wanted to highlight.  Here are a few I chose.
I love Amy's ornaments.  They seem to have a personality of their own.
There is such attention to detail in this button and the explanation of how it was made is fascinating!
These little bunny earrings are so cute and they have such expressive faces.
Love this dragon!  His sprawl reminds me of the way my dog sometimes lounges on the floor.
This pair is perfect for panda bear lovers!
 All in all, the Smooshers are a pretty talented group and I can't say enough about how I'm honored to be included in their numbers.


  1. I love these critters!

  2. What an awesome menagerie of polymer clay critters! Thank you so much for including my bunny with these wonderful animals! =)