Thursday, January 26, 2012

White from the Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild.

As anyone who works with polymer clay can tell you, white is a tough color to work with.  If you have anything, and I mean ANYTHING, on your hands, work surface or tools, that darn white clay is going to pick it up.  Sometimes it's a fortuitous accident and the swirl of foreign color inspires you to new creations.  But most times, it's a disaster!  I've ruined more projects that I've envision in snowy white by not cleaning my hands or tools diligently enough.

But when it works, it works!  Here are some examples from the Smooshers Guild to prove it.  Hope you all enjoy my choices.

                                          Little Boy Angel With White Feathers by CreativeCritters
                              Tiny Stained Glass Heart Beads by ArtMakersWorld

                          Bridesmaid Rose Pendant by CreatingCottage

                                  Purple Flower Canle Holder by KaelMijoy         

Polymer Clay Snowgirl Beads by PositivelyCharmingThings

1 comment:

  1. You are so right about white clay being hard to work with! You found some wonderful examples of white clay creations though! Thank you so much for including my angel =)
    -Michelle of CreativeCritters