Thursday, October 29, 2015

What is Art Fire Doing?

I don't know what's up with Art Fire recently.  First, they chose the holiday season to initiate a big roll out, along with it's associated bugs and glitches.  Now, they're adding new fees to what they are already collecting from their sellers.

I've been on Art Fire as Wyvern Designs for quite a while and have what they now call a "legacy" account.  When I signed up, the deal was that I would pay this monthly fee for as long as my shop was active on Art Fire.  It seemed like a good idea, but ever since the roll out sales have tanked.  They brought a program called Google Boost where you pay Art Fire a set amount and they use it to promote your shop on Google Shopping and while I did get a few sales during the holidays that were purported to come from Google Boost, my feelings are that Google Boost is a Google Bust and I will not be giving Art Fire any more money for that program.

I have looked at other venues and found a new one called Aftcra where I'm in the process of moving all my fiber crafts, knits, crochet items and felted items.  I'm there under the name Tiny Weasel Fiber Arts.  No sales yet but my shop is relatively new.  I've been looking at creating my own web store but the prices are not something I want to take on right now without some assurance of a return. 

here's a few example of the items list in my Aftcra shop.
Coiled Hand Dyed Basket
Needle Felted Amulet Bag
Sea Turtle Wool Felted Pincushion


  1. I love your fiber creations! Good luck on Aftcra. I haven't had sales there yet...time will tell!

  2. Thanks Valerie! I haven't had any sales yet eithe, but I live in hope!