Thursday, August 21, 2014

Truly Handmade

It's getting harder and harder to find truly hand made items.  Okay, I know technically, anything you put together by hand qualifies as handmade but, maybe I'm a hand made snob, because I think that at least some of the material included in a hand made piece should be, well, hand made.   I know I'll probably get some hate mail for saying that , but, so be it!

I'm not saying that those jewelry designers who use their eye for design and color and string together purchased beads and/or stones are not artists.  But I always like to see something that was actually formed by their own hands included, as well.  I'm in awe of those who can wire wrap a bead or stone and not have it look like a three year old did it. (My wire wrapping skills are on par with said three year old).

I like hand drawn, hand painted, hand sculpted.  Most likely, that's why I like to work with polymer clay.   I've chosen a few truly hand made items from the Art Fire Bloggers Guild for this post.

Polymer Clay Bracelet byCraftsOfThePast Polly Creamica Designer

Dolphins by KanweieneaKreations

Terracotta Lampwork Earrings by ShadowdogDesigns

3-D Daffodill Wall Hanging by CouchBeeCreations

Blue/Pink Cotton Summer Shawl by AndreaDsigns

And I'm not above adding one of my own pieces to the mix!
Bohemian Beaded Batick Bracelet by WyvernDesigns


  1. Ooo, I like that beaded fabric bracelet! I also love handmade items and am amazed at the creativity of handmade artists as they work with their chosen medium whether it be fabric, gemstones, metal, or clay.

  2. Yes, your fabric bracelet with beaded embellishments is original and very beautiful, and I know it is handmade ;) Thank you for featuring my polymer clay bracelet.

  3. By the way, I shared the blog far and wide, so you may get a lot of emails LOL!

  4. Love your fabric bracelet, so colorful and unique. And truly handmade too!

    Thank you so much for including my dolphin art print. I love printing our own prints on our fine art printer. The inks get expensive but the results are very close to the original drawings and paintings.

    Sharing this blog post too!

  5. If you don't count handmade in third world/developing nations, it is getting harder and harder to find handmade. Not only that, it's getting harder and harder to find people who care enough to tell the difference. Thanks for sharing some handmade!

  6. Great blog! I agree entirely! Love the pieces in your article too!

  7. Have always loved your bracelet, Nancy, from the first time I saw it. It cheers me up with its color and design. And thank you for including my lampwork earrings - a nice surprise to see them here. Will share (:

  8. Great picks of handmade products!