Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It's Time to Catch The Crazy Train PattyAnn

Patty Ann is the Crazy Train Rider for 2/5-2/7.   PattyAnn sells vintage items on Art Fire and says that she grew up around antiques.  Her and her husband enjoy auctions, flea markets, yard sales and the like.  She has some lovely vintage items, ranging from vintage linens to  tin noise makers.  This collection is just a sample of  the products she carries.

Handmade Gifts

These collections were created and curated by  Micah5five

Jewelry Supplies

This one is mine:  Wyvern Designs

Handmade Gifts

This collection created and curated by Lovely Things


  1. Lots of beauties shared in all these collections!

  2. I'm happy that the new changes seem to have breathed some new life back into the Crazy Train!