Thursday, May 2, 2013

Promote My Shop

I was one Twitter earlier today and checked out some new followers.  Promote My Shop was one of my new followers, so I decided to check them out. 

Promote My Shop is a blog written by Dana.  According to her, she started the blog after opening a shop on Etsy and reading all the posts about promoting her online shop.

Right now, she's featuring a Shop Hop.  You can add your online shop on her blog, along with the many others.  Visiting other shops and promoting them along with your own shop is encouraged.

Dana worked for almost 20 years in sales and marketing.  She has worked for Fortune 500 companies and has acquired some practical experience that she is willing to share in her blog.  Her blog is  "a community of open, supportive, and responsive artisans who share ideas, offer support, and chronicle our journey to success."

I suggest you check out this informative blog and let Dana's experience work for you.

Even though I am no longer on Etsy, I'm providing a link to Dana's shop there.  Check it out and see all the wonderful  beach themed items she has.

  Cereus Art on Etsy

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