Thursday, January 3, 2013

Some of the Creative Minds Of The Jewelry Creators Unite In Numbers Guild On Art Fire

I belong to a few guilds on Art Fire.  I figure guild membership is a good way to promote myself and others in the highly competitive world of on-line selling.   Each guild is different and the participation level in each is not the same.  But the JCUIN Guild (Jewelry Creators Unite In Numbers), has a high level of activity. It currently only has 29 members but those members are highly motivated to promote themselves and others.

Most of the members sell jewelry, but many, like myself, have a variety of items in their shops.  Today, I'd like to feature a few of the gorgeous pieces that can be found in the shops of these guild members.

Elizabeth Anne is the creative mind behind Irish Expressions.  While she is originally from Ireland, she has lived in seven countries, America being the latest.  She attributes her love of color and beads to the fact that she has experienced so many diverse cultures from all around the world.  She began stringing beads in 2008 and creates not only jewelry but also book marks, angel clip-ons, and key rings, to name a few.  I've chosen a necklace and earring set to highlight here:  Hand Woven Necklace and Earring Set in Black and Silver

Crystal Bazaar is the brainchild of Sally who hails from the UK.  She creates her masterpieces in rural Suffolk, England, where she designs and makes her hand crafted jewelry.  Using her own hand made lampwork beads, or pearls, crystal or gemstones, she produces some truly beautiful pieces.  She also works in porcelain, stoneware and eathenware to produce handmade buttons and pendants. The piece I picked to highlight is a  Blue Grey Dumortierite White Mountain Jade Gemstone Bead Cuff bracelet:

Simple in form but complex in execution the next piece was created by the talent behind Melizabeths.
She has been creating for as long as she can remember and attributes her creativity to her mother, who was a  Graphic designer until WWII and the first of her siblings came along.  After studying art in college, she worked for the government for a while and is proud to be a veteran of the Army.  After retiring, she admits she went crazy, trying to master many forms of art.  I am highlighting one of her many pieces of wearable art.
Foldformed copper Cuff Bracelet

The force behind  Wagoner Wire Works     currently lives in Texas where she is in financial aid at a local college.  But her dream job is jewelry.  She started making jwelry after a serious car accident that left herr with a traumatic brain injury and a shattered elbow.  Her sister suggested that she occupy herself during her recovery time with making jewelry.  The creative process was perfect for her injuries.  The concentration needed helped to focus her mind and the physical act of jewelry making was wonderful therapy for her elbow.  Her dedication to her art is evident in this wonderful piece:
Zebra Jasper Copper Nautilus Pendant

I didn't realize when I picked this piece from Gina of Gina's Corner Crafts  that the flowers on this cuff were made from wood shavings.  That makes it more amazing.  Gina started making flowers from pencil shavings in 2000.  She took t hem to craft shows where the other crafters were most encouraging.  She had to stop for a while but her flowers were always on her mind.  Now she's making them again and selling them on Art Fire.

 Brown Leather Bracelet With Pencil Shaving Flowers


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