Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Artistry Of My European Touch

Born in post WWII Germany, the artist behind My European Touch learned early on how to re-use, recycle, and re-purpose things from watching her parents.  She began crafting at the tender age of 5, making new candles from the stubs of old ones and admits to almost burning the house down.  She also sewed clothing for her dolls, learned to knit, crochet and cross stitching.

Monika now resides in Florida where making mosaics has become her passion.  A self admitted mosaic addict, she precisely nips and cuts vintage fine bone china to make her wonderful mosaic pieces of art.  She also uses stained glass mosaics, vintage jewelry, and other pieces to create unique pieces of art, like this Full size Mosaic Violin,

which was created over an unplayable violin.
 Entirely self taught, she says that "every piece I create is a discovery and revelation to me"  She has sold and shipped her pieces all over the world.

This Ornament with hand made clay roses is another of her gorgeous pieces, incorporating glitter, pearls, and teardrop ribbon.

This Mosaic Cake Dome is unfortunately sold but Monika is happy to take custom orders and will work with you closely to produce something that you will love!

Ice Skate Wall Decor


  1. Thanks for sharing. Such delightful items. I especially love the mosaic cake dome.

  2. I am delighted you shared my passion on your blog, thank you♥

  3. Monika has quite a history! Love her mosaic pieces!

  4. What talent and originality.

  5. That violin is amazing and one of my favorite pieces!