Friday, May 4, 2012

Fantasy Creatures from The Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild

This has been a bad week for me.  My husband's been out sick for most of it with a horrid cold.  So between taking care of him and running out to get cold medication, I haven't had much chance to do anything.  He finally went back to work today and I have the house to myself.  What a glorious feeling!

Today is this first time, this week, that I've had a chance to check out the Smooshers Guild on Art Fire.  I was delighted to find out that this week's blog roll topic was Smoosher's choice! 

I've decided to do fantasy creatures , since I love dragons and fairies and the like.
While this is not a fantasy creature, it allows fairies access and egress to your home.

While these are not all the fantasy creatures created by this guild, I think they represent some to the best!  You can check out some of the other artists here: 
Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild Roster

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  1. Sweet creatures. Have been longing to get into sculpture, but as you know with a "hubby" around, time is limited. Great job!