Thursday, February 16, 2012

Love Is Polymer Clay

     One of the definitions of love is the strong predilection or liking for something.  That describes my feelings for polymer clay.  Although I can and do work with various other mediums, I always return to my first love, polymer clay. 
     It can be manipulated into so many forms and it can be made to mimic so many materials. The tools required are relatively inexpensive, for the most part, a empty bottle and some playing cards can be used to roll out clay of a uniform thickness.  You can cut it and shape it easily.  It can be painted or sanded and buffed to give it varying looks.
     If I suddenly have the urge to have a piece of turquoise jewelry, presto, I can whip up some faux turquoise using polymer clay!  The same goes for granite, opal and various other materials.
     I would urge anyone looking for a material to showcase your artistic talent to, at least, give polymer clay a try.
     Here are some artisans from the Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild who personify talent and show what can be done with this versatile medium.
This lovely bracelet is from ClayHarmony
These adorable stitch markers fromFyreStormCreations
And, last but not least, from MortimerInc


  1. Great post. I love these pieces!

  2. I love those star wars stitch markers!